08/24/2016 by arete
The Arete Fall Winter 2016 collection alludes to a modern-day Hua Mulan, as the Arete woman breaks free of all restraints. “Unbridled” represents a woman dismantling her armor, shedding restriction, and riding liberated. Enveloped by the wind, she finds herself empowered to embrace both her all aspects of her femininity. She embodies strength and independence while still summoning sophistication and softness.Recognizing the Arete woman as a modern Mulan, the collection this season addresses a range of application between her work, weekends and special occasions. The courage she finds within herself to succeed professionally; the strength and perseverance necessary to maintain a dynamic life balance; the passion she exudes when at a gala or special event. This season places emphasis on versatile pieces through reimagined equestrian and utilitarian motifs, worn by the Arete woman as she transitions between the various roles in her life.The collection envisions the autonomous woman through strong and unique design and fabric references. Traditional Chinese armor is reconstructed into new elements with a natural flow of movement, through pleated skirts, waist panels and layering. Allusion to equine beauty repeatedly surfaces throughout the collection through distinctive snaps, fringe elements, hand embroidery, and intricate leather detailing repurposing the rein on the woman. Novelty fabrications and textures such as wool jacquard and a mohair check pattern are incorporated into desirable, modern pieces. Centered on cohesive, introspective autumn winter undertones, the season explores winter blacks by blending in deep autumn hues of dusty green, warm burgundy, and rich navy.
01/15/2016 by arete
The SS16 Collection is a playful yet timeless composition of cut-outs, weaves, knots, and ties that offer a refreshing reinterpretation of Arete’s signature silhouettes and Chinese bamboo basket inspirations.Inspired by cross-cross weaving in modern permutations, Arete’s high-quality fabric patterns and textures are showcased through delicate translucent silks, ribbons interlaced with mesh, neon laces, elegant raffia-like Italian fabrics, and original laser cut patterns, Pieces have versatility in ways to knot and tie, such as fabric judo belts and deconstructed sleeves wrapped around the waist. Harmonizing energetic colors with wearable whites, greys, and blacks, Designer Christina Liao advances a strong blend of feminine cuts and structured lines this season,
Arete FW15 Fashion Film, Directed by Wing Shya
07/01/2015 by sekkei
Arete is proud to present its Fall Winter 2015 Collection under the incredible visual and artistic mastery of world-acclaimed director, Wing Shya. This film collaboration blurs the line between fashion and art, yet brings to focus an astonishing strength, grace, and power found burning within the “Arete woman”. The Arete woman in this film is multi-dimensional and self-aware, transforming from creature into creature with each elaborately choreographed costume changes, yet all hosting the same brilliant spirit that personifies “Arete”. Over the course of a few months, Director Wing Shya and Designer Catherine Fung worked closely with one another to bring the inspiration of “War and Peace” in Arete’s FW15 Collection to life. In the 2 minute film, Shya and Fung compose a visual symphony in extreme slow-motion, drawing the viewer into the details of Arete’s designs and craftsmanship, as well as engaging the concept of strength in all shapes and forms.