07/01/2015 by sekkei
The FW15 Collection is inspired by the designer’s bid for peace among conflict in this world. This season, Catherine Fung designs pieces that pull the wearer away from the violence of battle and into the strength of peace. Weathered and rusted machinery, vintage and well-traveled military uniforms, styled chainmail, and nomad sweaters are key concepts that depict war in the past tense. Arete continues its tradition of developing extraordinary handcrafted elements, with purposely oxidized machine bolts, cogs, and chains. Modern craftsmanship is displayed in grand and splendorous fashion, with designs swathed in over 26,000 meticulously hand sewed pieces. Hand-knitted sweaters, panels of intricate embroidered beading, and other uniquely developed fabrics all provide a brilliant human touch to Arete’s womenswear. Underneath the marks of war, Arete finds the human legacy of peace.
02/01/2015 by sekkei
The SS15 Collection is inspired by the energy and spirit of sports, captured by designs that feature vibrant colors and iridescent materials in playfully sophisticated styles, meeting every aspect of an Arete woman’s multi-dimensional lifestyle. Designer Catherine Fung invokes her love of creating strong and sensual feminine body shapes through lingerie, generating a remarkable fashion dialogue between sports and lingerie for Arete’s Spring Summer 2015 Collection. The meaning of sports to Arete: The Arete woman is strong and vibrant inside and out, and emanates the spirit of sportsmanship in her approach to life. Designer Catherine Fung is inspired by the grace, movement, and speed mastered by athletes, and selects technological fabrics in this season’s trending colors to merge fashion and sports effortlessly. When traveling under extreme speed, solid visuals melt and blur into shimmering color blocks and elongated lines. Catherine Fung in her car racing experiences captures the feeling and optical illusions experienced under speed in the collection’s color layering and movement through design.